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Best of London – Active Bookings

Best of London

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10 Top Day Rail Trips from London

Staying in any of the convenient Hostels in London is a top choice for the visitor on a budget. Here are some excellent day trips out from London.

If you’re travelling on a budget, staying in one of the excellent hostels in London doesn’t mean you can only explore the inner city. These top destinations will only take you anywhere between 20 minutes and a couple of hours by London’s famously reliable rail system.

1. St. Albans (20 minutes by rail) – Over 2,000 years of history have moulded this city, and everyone from the Celts to the Romans to the Benedictine Order has left their marks. Lovers of history will definitely want to pay a visit to St. Albans, and it’s certainly within easy access of any of the central hostels in London.

There was an Iron Age settlement known as Verulamium, Verlamion, or Verlamio, near the site of the present city, the centre of Tasciovanus’ power and a major center of the Catuvellauni from about 20 BC until shortly after the Roman invasion of AD 43. The name “Verulamium” is Celtic, meaning “settlement over or by the marsh”.

2. Windsor (30 minutes by rail) – Fancy learning a thing or two about the royal family? Windsor is the place you’ll want to go, especially since it is home to the famous royal residence, Windsor Castle. There’s also the Windsor Legoland theme park, which can be quite fun to explore for the young or young at heart.

Catch the traditional military parade and Changing of the Guards up the high street and into the castle to the Lower Ward. The ceremony lasts 30 minutes and starts at 11:00 (but you can catch the march up the hill at 10:50) and weather permitting they’re accompanied by a band. The Guard March takes place all year round on alternate days from August to March and daily during April, May, June and July (apart from Sundays).

The early history of the site is unknown, although it was almost certainly settled some years before 1070 when William the Conqueror had a timber motte and bailey castle constructed. The focus of royal interest at that time was not the castle, however, but a small riverside settlement about 3 miles (5 km) downstream, possibly established from the 7th century.

FIND Restaurants and Bars in Windsor 

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3. Epping Forest (40 minutes by rail) – Nothing quite beats strolling through a tranquil forest, especially if you need to decompress from the typically crowded areas around the hostels in London. Just make sure to check before you travel though, as Epping Forest is closed to the public on certain days.

The area which became known as Waltham, and then Epping Forest has been continuously forested since Neolithic times. Embankments of two Iron Age earthworks – Loughton Camp and Ambresbury Banks – can be found in the woodland, but pollen profiles show that Iron Age occupation had no significant effect on the forest ecology. The formerlime/linden Tilia-dominated woodland was permanently altered during Saxon times by selective cutting of trees. Today's beech-birch and oak-hornbeam-dominated forest was the result of partial forest clearance in Saxon times

4. Brighton (1 hour by rail) – It only takes an hour by rail to reach Brighton and you'll have a wonderful time exploring the nooks and crannies of this gloriously eclectic and creative city. The Royal Pavilion and the beach with its fun fair on the pier are world famous, and there's pretty much something to entertain any kind of visitor, old or young.

Archaeological evidence of settlement in the area dates back to the Bronze Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods. The ancient settlement of "Brighthelmstone" was documented in the Domesday Book (1086). The town's importance grew during the Middle Ages as the Old Town developed, but it languished in the early modern period, affected by foreign attacks, storms, a suffering economy and a declining population. During the modern period, Brighton began to attract more visitors following improved road transport to London and becoming a boarding point for boats travelling to France. The town also developed in popularity as a health resort for sea bathing as a purported cure for illnesses.

Find Restaurants and Bars in Brighton

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5. Oxford (1.5 hours by rail) – Another acclaimed university has its home here in Oxford, while plenty of museums will keep you occupied. Oxford’s Blenheim Palace is also worth a visit, with movies like the Harry Potter series and A Little Chaos filming scenes there.

The city is known worldwide as the home of the University of Oxford, the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Buildings in Oxford demonstrate notable examples of every English architectural period since the late Saxon period. Oxford is known as the "city of dreaming spires", a term coined by poet Matthew Arnold.

Oxford was first settled in Saxon times and was initially known as "Oxenaforda", meaning "Ford of the Oxen" (according to theEnglish Place-Name Society, who base their result on a passing reference in Florence of Worcester's work "Chronicon ex chronicis"); fords were more common than bridges at that time. It began with the establishment of a river crossing for oxen around AD 900. In the 10th century, Oxford became an important military frontier town between the kingdoms of Mercia andWessex and was on several occasions raided by Danes.

Find Restaurants and Bars in Oxford

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6. Cambridge (1 hour by rail) – Here you can visit one of the world’s most acclaimed universities and go punting on the river – or get someone else to row for you! This picturesque city is every bit as lovely as you've heard.

There is archaeological evidence of settlement in the area in the Bronze Age and in Roman Britain; under Viking rule, Cambridge became an important trading centre. The first town charters were granted in the 12th century, although city status was not conferred until 1951.

Cambridge is the home of the University of Cambridge, founded in 1209 and one of the top five universities in the world. The university includes the Cavendish Laboratory, King's College Chapel, and the Cambridge University Library. The Cambridge skyline is dominated by the last two buildings, along with the spire of the Our Lady and the English Martyrs Church, the chimney of Addenbrooke's Hospital and St John's College Chapel tower.

Find Restaurants and Bars in Cambridge

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7. Bath (1.5 hours by rail) – The aptly named city is home to the only natural hot springs in Britain. The Roman baths and spas may be a welcome treat for those hankering for a nice, long soak to relax those travelling muscles and tired feet.

The city became a spa with the Latin name Aquae Sulis ("the waters of Sulis") c. AD 60 when the Romans built baths and a temple in the valley of the River Avon, although hot springs were known even before then. Bath Abbey was founded in the 7th century and became a religious centre; the building was rebuilt in the 12th and 16th centuries. In the 17th century, claims were made for the curative properties of water from the springs, and Bath became popular as a spa town in the Georgian era.

During the English Civil War, the city was garrisoned for Charles I. Seven thousand pounds was spent on fortifications, but on the appearance of parliamentary forces the gates were thrown open and the city surrendered.

Find Restaurants and Bars in Bath

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8. Canterbury (1.5 hours by rail) – Lovers of religious history and architecture simply must take the time to visit Canterbury’s famous cathedral. St Martin’s Church and St Augustine’s Abbey are two notable landmarks worth visiting as well.

Canterbury is a popular tourist destination: consistently one of the most-visited cities in the United Kingdom, the city's economy is heavily reliant upon tourism. The city has been occupied since Paleolithic times and served as the capital of the Celtic Cantiaciand Jute Kingdom of Kent. Many historical structures fill the area, including a city wall founded in Roman times and rebuilt in the 14th century, the ruins of St Augustine's Abbey and a Norman castle, and the oldest extant school in the world, the King's School. Modern additions include the Marlowe Theatre and the St Lawrence Ground, home of the Kent County Cricket Club. There is also a substantial student population, brought about by the presence of the University of Kent, Canterbury Christ Church University, the University for the Creative Arts, and the Girne American University Canterbury campus. Canterbury remains, however, a relatively small city in terms of geographical size, when compared with other British cities.

Find Restaurants and Bars in Canterbury

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9. Stonehenge (2 hours by rail) – Stonehenge is a marvel of Neolithic construction and is well worth spending the time to visit. It’s only eight miles north of Salisbury.
Keep all these destinations in mind when you’re based in one of the many excellent hostels in London and you’ll realize just how much you can see by rail.

Walk in the footsteps of your Neolithic ancestors at Stonehenge – one of the wonders of the world and the best-known prehistoric monument in Europe. ... Visit the world-class exhibition and visitor centre with 250 ancient objects and come face to face with a 5,500 year-old man.

10. Salisbury (2 hours by rail) – Salisbury boasts beautiful religious architecture as well as a lush countryside ideal for walks, cycles and sightseeing tours. It’s also home to the best preserved copy of the Magna CartaFree Web Content, of which only four intact copies remain.

The hilltop at Old Sarum lies near the Neolithic sites of Stonehenge and Avebury and shows some signs of early settlement. It commanded a salient between the River Bourne and the Hampshire Avon near a crossroads of several early trade routes

Find Restaurants and Bars in Salisbury

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The Best Afternoon Tea Experiences in London

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Sights to see in London

With so many famous landmarks in the city, your London sightseeing itinerary is bound to be jam-packed. From historic buildings to modern day structures, this wonderful capital city has it all. Here are just some of our top sights to see in London. Remember you can hop-on and off our Big Bus tour as many times as you like to explore London’s iconic sights in your own time.

London Eye

London Eye Sights to See

A trip on the London Eye is the perfect way to orientate yourself, as well as getting the best view of the city. One full turn of the wheel takes around 30 minutes which is ample time for taking in the London skyline. Save money by booking online in advance – you can even splash out on special tickets, including the Champagne Experience (with a glass of champagne and a London Eye host) and the Hotel Chocolat Tasting Experience, for serious chocolate lovers.

Location: Big Bus stop: Coco-Cola London Eye. Tube stops: Waterloo, Embankment, Charing Cross, Westminster.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Pauls Cathedral sights to see

Another top London attraction is St Paul’s Cathedral, stop 17 on your Big Bus tour. Its magnificent dome is world-famous and the interior is just as jaw-dropping. You do have to pay to visit St Paul’s, but all money goes towards maintaining the cathedral which sees more than two million tourists through its doors annually, as well as providing for staff. Whilst you’re there, be sure to climb up the dome for a beautiful view of London, and check out the Whispering Gallery – the perfect place to whisper sweet nothings to your loved one.

Location: Big Bus stop: St Paul’s. Tube stop: St Paul’s

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace Sights to See

You’ll see Buckingham Palace from the comfort of your London tour bus, but it’s well worth further exploration. The State Rooms offer a glorious glimpse into the life of royalty, with sparkling chandeliers, sculptures and fine furniture. It’s also worth arriving early to witness the Changing the Guard ceremony (usually every other day). Although things don’t start happening until 11.15am, it’s always very busy, and you’ll want to get a good spot.

Location: Big Bus stop: Buckingham Palace. Tube stops: Victoria, Green Park, St James’s Park

Houses of Parliament


Not far from Buckingham Palace is the Palace of Westminster, the seat of the Houses of Parliament of the United Kingdom. The building is beautiful both inside and out, and if you visit at night, you’ll see it lit up spectacularly. It’s worth venturing inside Parliament too, for a guided tour or to watch a debate (you must book these in advance), and UK residents can even enjoy a tour of Elizabeth Tower, more famously known as Big Ben.

Location: Big Bus stop: Parliament Square. Tube stop: Westminster

Tower of London

Tower of London sights to see

The Tower of London is a major London attraction, and not to be missed. There is a huge range of things to see and do within the grounds, including marvelling at the Crown Jewels and guided tours from Yeoman Warders, or Beefeaters, as you’re more likely to know them.

Location: Big Bus stop: Tower of London. Tube stop: Tower Hill

The Shard

The Shard is London’s highest viewing platform, at the top of Western Europe’s tallest building! So at almost twice the height of any other vantage point in the city, it is the premium place where you can see unrivalled 360º views of London.

Location: Big Bus stop: London Bridge. Tube stop: London Bridge

Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

With over 1000 years of extraordinary history, Westminster Abbey is one of the most important Gothic buildings in the country. The Abbey is a treasure trove of paintings, stained glass, textiles and artefacts, and is the resting place for some of the most significant people in the nation’s history. Since 1100, there have been at least 16 royal weddings at Westminster Abbey, and this is where Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, grandson of Elizabeth II, married Miss Catherine Middleton on 29th April 2011.

Location: Big Bus stop: Westminster Abbey, Parliament Square. Tube stop: Westminster

Churchill War Rooms

Churchill War Rooms Sights to seePicture Copyright: Imperial War Museum

When you’re in Westminster, take time to visit the Churchill War Rooms, to see the wartime bunker where Churchill and his government took shelter during the Blitz. The audio guide, which comes in a variety of languages, provides a fascinating insight into Churchill’s life during this turbulent time, and provides context to the pivotal decisions which were made here.

Location: Big Bus stop: Westminster Pier. Tube stop: Westminster

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Places worth exploring in London city

inter5If you have been planning to come to London city then perhaps you have already decided what exactly you wish to do over here or the places you would like to see and explore. If you are not sure what there is to see and do then you may consider about knowing some of the things that you can look ahead to indulge into while holidaying in the English capital.

  • No visit to London city can ever be completed without a tourist trail. You would definitely love to take in the majestic sights such as the Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge and many other spectacular sights that are worth exploring.
  • Stay over at the nearby hotel that will put you close to several fascinating attractions. The city centre is considered to be well enriched with a wide array of fascinating attractions that are worth exploring. If you are finding it difficult to choose an appropriate hotel for the purpose of staying at then you can always consider spending some of your time at the Park Avenue Baker Street.london-eye2
  • The city museums house some of the most significant exhibits in the world that are worth looking forward to. Whether you pay a visit to the Natural History Museum or the Imperial War Museum, you would love the idea of spending most of your time in checking out the wondrous displays. Visit the British Museum that allows free admission to the public.
  • Apart from the museums, the art galleries are also worth paying a visit to. No matter whether you prefer traditional styles of art or modern art forms, you would love to see some priceless works of art in the English capital. Try to pay a visit to the National Gallery, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, National Portrait Gallery and the others that are definitely worth exploring.
  • London is famous for being one of the most amazing shopping capitals in the world. With its incredible range of shops, high street stores and boutiques, you would definitely love the idea of enjoying every bit of your vacation in a desirable manner. Stay at hotels in Baker Street for enjoying an easy aces to the shopping centers in London.
  • Apart from the galleries and museums in London city, there is a wide variety of venues and tourist attractions which continue to host several events on regular basis. The nightclubs in London offer some of the best experience that you would lobe to enjoy while coming over here.
  • Go for a football match at one of the London Premiership Clubs or watch a game of cricket at the Lords Cricket Ground. Live in this city which is culturally so much enriched. It is always a pleasure to visit some of the most exquisite holiday spots in the city that will eventually help you in having a blissful time ahead.
  • The Madam Tussauds Wax Museum should not be missed. It houses several wax statues of celebrities from all around the world and is also quite a popular venue for exploring the blissful London attractions.

There is everything in this city which is worth exploring and you would definitely love the idea of experiencing the best of every vacation moment and that too in a blissful manner.

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Top Restaurants and Attractions near the London Eye

The area around the London Eye is a great place for a day trip if you’re staying in London, especially if you’re at one of the hotels near Waterloo. As well as the calming pleasure of taking a trip into the skies of London on a huge wheel, there are plenty of other nearby attractions on the South Bank.

The National Theatre is a great place to visit even if you’re not seeing a play, as it’s worth admiring for the architecture, art installations and frequent free events that happen in the court outside. As well as the National, visitors interested in theatre are within easy reach of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, a reconstruction of the original 17th century building which is now used both as a museum and for productions by the RSC.
Skip The Lines With The London Pass

A little way up the road, we also have the Tate Modern, a huge converted power station that is now Britain’s home of modern art, and is credited with bringing art to the masses like never before. It’s featured turbine hall exhibits have been among the grandest and most innovative shown anywhere in the world.

For a more family-friendly activity, the London Sea Life Aquarium is right next to the Eye, and holds one of Europe’s largest collections of marine life.

When you’re finished with a hard day’s sightseeing, why not cap off your South Bank excursion with a visit to one of the many fine restaurants around Waterloo and the London Eye.


Here are a few of our favourites:


–  Canteen is a small London chain with one of its branches at Royal Festival Hall. A friendly place with an emphasis on quality British food and a vaguely nostalgic feel reminiscent of school dinners. The food is the real treat, though, and may make tourists realise why Britons remain so fond of our culinary history, disparaged as it is throughout the world.




–  Ev on Isabella Street is a loveEvly Lebanese restaurant under the railway arches. A classic interpretation of one of the world’s best cuisines, set in an atmospheric and charming Aladdin’s Cave of a building. Ev is right next to Southwark Station.





Oxo Tower Restaurant–  The Oxo Tower Restaurant commands one of the best views over the city short of the eye itself. The restaurant serves amazing modern European cuisine in a tower that is a London landmark. In the summer, guests can even dine outside on the terrace, for an unforgettable evening dining experience. Prices are steep, but it’s obviously not just the excellent food that you’re paying for.



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Bend it Like a Beckham – London Musical

Bend-it-Like-Beckham-The-Musical-photo-Ellie-Kurttz1-1024x683Jess needs extra time.

She is facing the most important decision of her life: live up to family expectations of university, career and marriage, or follow in the footsteps of her hero David Beckham. When the talented teenager is spotted playing football in Southall, a world of unexpected opportunities opens up before her. But as her sister’s traditional Indian wedding approaches, can she keep her family happy and still follow her dreams?

Bend It Like Beckham is a joyous new British musical comedy. Featuring an original score with an Indian kick, it brings a unique cultural fusion of musical theatre to the stage for the first time. This re imagining of the much-loved hit film sees generations, cultures and communities brought together in this joyous and uplifting story about bending the rules and scoring that deciding goal.

Natalie-Dew-in-Bend-It-Like-Beckham-The-Musical-photo-Ellie-Kurttz1-e1435240196652“Initially I resisted the suggestion to give Bend It Like Beckham a musical treatment, but as time went on I realised how significant I thought the film had been in terms of race relations in this country, the presence of the Asian community and how very little came after it that celebrated who we are as a nation in the same way. I had been deeply moved by Billy Elliot the Musical and loved how it had crystallized a particular moment in history, so I began to reconsider.


Developing Bend it Like Beckham for the stage, has been the most enjoyable creative process of my career so far. What I have been very lucky to do, is to surround myself with people who I think are exceptional, at not only being at the top of their game, but who completely understand what we are trying to do. What you will see in Bend It Like Beckham is the result of 4 years’ worth of collaboration: multiple workshops with musicians, actors, dancers and of course footballers.

Our ambition, is to create a totally new British musical, with a different musical language. A musical that speaks to us of today, the last 30, 40 years of Britain and of where we are as a nation. The Asian influences that are there are basically Punjabi West London – those that I have grown up with – fused with West End musical influences.

What we are trying to do is make a stakehold for those of us who believe we live in a brilliant nation that is all the better for being as diverse and as interesting culturally as it is, and that it isn’t just one community that has created this.”

Gurinder Chadha, Writer and Director

Director of the original hit film, Gurinder Chadha directs, with choreography and musical staging by Aletta Collins (Anna Nicole, ROH).  Bend It Like Beckham is written by Paul Mayeda Berges Gurinder Chadha (Bend It Like Beckham (film), Bride & Prejudice). The original score is an East-West fusion of Bhangra and soaring melodies with music by Howard Goodall (Love Story, The Hired Man), lyrics by Charles Hart (Phantom of the Opera, Aspects of Love) and orchestrations by Howard Goodall and pioneer of British Bhangra sound, Kuljit Bhamra.

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A Christmas Carol – Review

There is something warmly comforting about walking into a theatre during the festive period, already having a good idea of what you are about to witness.
Charles Dickens’ timeless classic ‘A Christmas Carol’has been performed on stage countless times (and will no doubt continue to entertain and educate the young and young-at-heart for many generations to come). But the current incarnation at the Noel Coward Theatre, adapted by Patrick Barlow and produced by Sonia Friedman, brings a welcomed breath of fresh air to the tale first published in 1843.

Thanks largely to the imaginative director-designer collaboration between Phelim McDermott and Tom Pye, we are reminded of the beauty of theatricality. The story literally unfolds on the stage like a pop-up book with ingenious and mostly 2D sets. Whether they are attached to the central pole axis in the middle of the stage which functions like the spine of a book or seamlessly brought on and off from the wings, Tom Pye lets us appreciate the charm of the physical, whilst allowing our imaginations to create a fuller 3D scene in our own minds. (Top) hats off to the team of Jackie Orton, Melody Wood, Katy Adeney and Hayley Gittins who provide an onslaught of impressive Dickensian costumes and wigs, which must be both authentic and practical at the same time due to the excessive quick costume changes by the cast of seven.

That leads us nicely to the players on these pop-up pages. Of course the big draw of this production is the return of Oscar, BAFTA, Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jim Broadbent to the stage – after a ten year absence. I was curious to see how the man, who I would personally cast as every “kind gentleman in his 60’s” role going, would fare with the iconic, mean-spirited character of Ebenezer Scrooge. Broadbent certainly does not dissapoint. Yes, he relishes and excells most in the humour of the writing, but is firmly and convincingly resolute at fighting off the inevitable change-of-heart for most of the evening’s proceedings. His facial expressions are irresistable, especially during the physical comedy moments of flying with the ghosts of Christmas Past and Present.

I can only imagine the chaos in the wings as the uber-talented supporting cast of Adeel Akhtar, Amelia Bullmore, Keir Charles, Samantha Spiro, James Parker and Kim Scopes, take on multiple roles and seemingly impossible costume changes and also double-up as puppeteers along the way. I simply can’t praise their talents enough.

My only slight confusion is perhaps a result of Patrick Barlow’s adaptation. At times the script is a little unfocused and breaks the fourth wall often enough that we ask ourselves if we are meant to be guests at a pantomime. The play-within-a-play concept is also surplus to requirements in my opinion, but these minor hiccups cannot take away the overall charm and wonderful ingenuity of a production literally brought to life from page to stage by a glorious ensemble cast who perfectly compliment the national treasure that is Jim Broadbent.

A Christmas Carol is booking at Noel Coward until 30 January 2016.

Posted By Tom Millward

Rating: ****

Article from TheatrePeople

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Explore London with no Fuss

Sightseeing tours of London are omnipresent, and are perfect if you wish to uncover the finest things to do in London. Myriad tour operators propose varieties of different London tours, including London bus tours, Thames river cruises, and London walking tours.

Why specifically choose a hop on hop off tour of London?
Such a London tour is beneficial in providing you with a charming overview of the design of the city itself. With London Pass You can enjoy all London’s key attractions and save hundreds of £££ while skipping all those long queues.
Get in FREE to over 55 top London attractions!

Hop on hop off London tours are also particularly valuable in that you can hop off’ as often as you wish to delve further into a specific region or attraction in the city. You can then hop’ back on to your bus as suiting your own desires, as it is a loop tour
You can also immerse yourself in extraordinary overviews over the layout of grand London and where its attractions are situated in relation to one another. Become enchanted by incomparable sweeping viewpoints over the most renowned landmarks and districts of London, including exquisite Buckingham Palace, dramatic Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey and London Zoo. These are simply a few of the many reasons as to why you should take a London tour.
It is worthwhile for even inhabitants of London who consider themselves to be experts about the capital to take a London tour accompanied by a guide. A guide can bring aspects of the city to life for you. Rediscover London, and have specific attractions you were unaware of exposed to you as well.

Discover London with liberty, ease and at your own convenience. London walking tours are especially productive in revealing cultural attractions to you, including many that usually go unseen and overlooked. There is a vast profusion of walking tours to decide from: find the most exceptional one to suit your needs. Delve into the most prominent cultural attractions of the city.

Click here for your pass

A London bus tour is positively one of the most noteworthy things to do in London. As well as affording you with a precious summary of the capital, such a London tour will leave you well informed of some of the city’s fascinating history. You will, irrefutably, find the experience a captivating one.

A Thames river cruise is highly recommended, as it will give you beguiling wide-ranging views over the most grandiose attractions and landmarks. Take London bus tours for sweeping, comprehensive overviews of London’s cultural treasures, London walking tours for in-depth intricate explorations of certain regions of London, or a Thames river cruise for altogether unique perspectives over London’s attractions.

London’s attractions are sure to entice you with their distinctive charms. A London tour is unquestionably the easiest way for a first time visitor to uncover this majestic city’s many treasures. Sightseeing tours of London also come in a variety of forms: one of the most extraordinary options on offer is a hop on hop off London bus tour.

Explore the capital’s most astonishing landmarks and become knowledgeable about its layout. Or maybe a London walking tour will appeal: such a tour will really allow you to develop an elaborate understanding of certain regions of the imperious city, such as Soho and Covent Garden.

Free entry to top attractions in London

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London – Active Lifestyle Capital

City of London is the place for its food, drink, culture. . Active living and high spirits resonates across the entire capital. It isn’t just the beautiful panorama and large variety of events,but also great food and drinks that brings London alive.

Choosing a restaurant or a bar in London isn’t difficult, it all depends on what kind of food and decor you want to indulge in. ActiveBookings.co.uk not only provides detailed description of each venue as well as photos and unique features of each business listed.

Despite the stereotypes about British Dining, many culinary treasures awaits you at different restaurants and gastro pubs because London is a city of food lovers. Apart of restaurants, there are also street food options and trendy coffee shops serving light bites across the city.

You can also often find reviews of London restaurants online before you go. Previous customers will often go online to share their thoughts with others about the meal they had, and you can get an idea of the quality of the service provided.

Whether You are looking for dining experience, live music venue or a traditional English Pub, You will find it all in just one city. London pubs are well known for being among the best in the world. You can find karaoke bars, sports bars, hotel bars, jazz clubs, and cocktail bars in London.

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